PAPER Law Office PLLC is a boutique law firm providing copyright and business legal services.


The passion to boost the creativities in the age of automation is the striving force of this law office. This law firm endeavors to providing tailored, affordable and high quality copyright and business legal services. 

Copyright and Business Legal Services

PAPER Law Office helps clients across the country to obtain copyright protections, acquire copyrights and provide strategic advice on copyright commercialization. The cutting edge of this law firm's practice is the US-China cross border copyright transactions. 

PAPER Law Office serves authors, artists, musicians, photographers, music companies, designers, producers, media companies all over the world to protect their most value assets -- copyrighted works.

  • Copyright registration at US Copyright Office;
  • Copyright clearance;
  • Copyright licensing and assignment;
  • Commercialization of copyrights;
  • DMCA designated agent;
  • Cease and desist letters on alleged copyright infringement;
  • Copyright infringement settlement and negotiation.

PAPER Law Office also provides business legal services in Washington State.

  • Business formation (corporation, LLC, partnership) and transfer of the interest.
  • Contracts and agreements.


The founding attorney, Ms. Irene Rajagopal has extensive international legal experiences. Before moving to Seattle, she worked as an in-house counsel for Shanghai Media Group, one of the largest media groups in China and handled numerous cross-border copyright licensing between US and China. She also built international business law expertise by working as Legal Counsel of Ernst Young in China. Ms. Irene Rajagopal studied the masters degree in intellectual property law in University of Washington, and is licensed to practice in Washington State. To find more about our attorney, please click Attorney Profile

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